Be descriptive, be specific, be usable – Give Feedback

If you want to improve at anything, first you need to have the will to do it and to know exactly what you are doing, and after that, open yourself up for a feedback which will help you achieve your goal and become better in what you do. If we never listen to a feedback that we are given there are small chances that we will move from the current point and improve ourselves. But, there is a difference between good feedback and poor feedback which may look more like a hate. Everyone has its own opinion and we should choose carefully (actually, it’s not that hard) who should we listen to. Continue reading “Be descriptive, be specific, be usable – Give Feedback”

How I Became a Morning Person

I’ve never considered myself as a morning person. Never! I never liked that alarm sound that was making noise in the morning and never thought that I could become a person that loves morning. I was always struggling to get out of bed. And the things is that I was not sleeping, I was just “half asleep” person hitting the snooze button and trying to prolong until last minute.

Two months ago I decided to change that. Continue reading “How I Became a Morning Person”